Saturday, May 9, 2009

What I've Been Doing.......

I've gotten so interested in using herbs in my 
cooking that I decided to start a small herb
garden.  I also put some in pots.  Here is marjoram, 
oregano, basil and thyme.  They love the sun. 
I can't believe how much they've grown already!

Fresh new hanging baskets from the 
Piedmont Triad Farmers Market!

A sign from our road trip last weekend.....

and one of the buggies we met on that road

A sparrow's eggs in Mrs Trivette's fern on 
her porch...... click on the photo to enlarge and 
look at the edges of the nest......birds absolutely
amaze me when it comes to nest building. Note
the difference in this sparrow's nest and the 
mockingbird nest below.

Put out a spring flag - a schnauzer of course
Looks just like my Levi......

A purple martin on a wire
My hubby is trying desperately to attract some
to our gourds!

Purple martin gourds with purple martins working
their nests.  We stopped on our trip last weekend to 
Amish country and visited with some nice strangers
"The Trivettes".  They had many purple martins.

The hubby was cleaning out some brush yesterday and 
was about to cut this thicket with honeysuckle vines
when a mockingbird dove at him and she was angry...
this is the reason.  Guess that thicket will stay there
for a while longer.  Aren't they beautiful?

My ivy has grown nicely this year around our
lamp post.  Planted a pot of African daisies and
petunias last weekend and the ivy has already
covered the sides of the pot. And of course 
"Every Birdy is Welcome"


The Mommy said...

Everything looks pretty! I haven't even planted a tomato plant this year what with the big belly and all. I do have rosemary from last year. Maggie loved and watered our lavendar to much and it died.

Christina said...

Beautiful Pictures!! I love fresh herbs, but don't grow any of my own. Rosemary is my favorite. I also love cilantro!!
I just made homemade hummus using Mckmama's recipe...soo good!!

LaLaLisa said...

Thanks Tina. Mmmmmmm I love hummus. I make it every week. I like lots of cumin in it. Makes it taste mexicany. Sometimes I add in fresh cilantro too which I love also.

Beth E. said...

I love fresh herbs. Cilantro is my favorite, along with basil and oregano. I have never tried hummus, but it sounds delicious!

You have a beautiful garden. I love your plants and the pictures of the birds' nests. I'm a bird watcher!